Venetian Masks

Corso realizzazione Maschere Veneziane Bellagio
Corso realizzazione Maschere Veneziane a Bellagio
Realizzazione Maschere Veneziane
Corso realizzazione Maschere Veneziane

Venetian Masks

Hide who I am, and help me to find the best mask for my intents.
(William Shakespeare)

Precious traditions

Bellagio is like Venice: it has a strong evocative power thanks to its landscapes, colours and its romantic spirit, everything here to be discovered. Close your eyes and meet your mask, look at it, get into it and bring it with you in your small Venice. Shape your model and build your paper-mache mask (carta pesta); while laying paper, your mind will draw lines, choose colours, find the most hidden part, till your mask has been created and you just need to finish it by giving your personal expressive touch. The dream of realizing a fascinating Venetian Mask through the classical techniques of the old masters comes true and flows on the romantic water of Lake Como; wear your story and take part into a party at beautiful antique residences where everything is possible and the impossibile becomes real.


Realize a unique Venetian Mask for the carnival in Venice 


Reach the local Master Abele in the Bottega d’Arte, you ‘ll be welcomed by an English speaking assistant, you will explore the beauties of the location,  and she will assist you during all the art experience. After you go to meet the local artist, Abele follow you during this special art experience,  the creation of a Venetian Mask  . As the ancient  Venetian Masters you will discover the Italian secrets and techniques  from the papier marche to the gypsum. A beautiful tradition where you can define the mask to wear for the Venetian Carnival.  The expression of yourself. At the end of these unique art classes you have a memorable piece.
DURATION: 3 days
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  • Participants : Min.5 max.12
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Included:
  • • Lesson with the Master Abele
  • • The Assistant that will assist you during the experience
  • • All Materials and tools
  • Languages:
  • • Italian
  • • English