A. Experientia Artis Bellagio

A local Art Atelier  in Bellagio, in the enchanting hamlet of Loppia and close to the Gardens of Villa Melzi d’Eril. Surrounded by the astonishing setting of Lake Como.  10 minutes relaxing walk from the center of Bellagio.  

A traditional Bottega d’Arte which reveals the Italian classical arts, a unique emotion for everyone who can relax and enjoy this particular experience. 

What a wonderful gift to your senses, allowing you to feel the emotions of arts in your hands, in your soul, creating from painting drawing or scratch something unique that will be forever yours! A relaxing experience in one of the most romantic landscapes in Italy: Lake ComoYou can discover and touch the beauties of Lake Como, and bring your unique memory with you. The Italian Master Abele will be at your side and will help you in getting your unique artwork during this  special experience. No technical skills are required, the art experience is perfect for those who are approaching the arts for the first time. Discovering the deepest Italian traditions, enjoying the inspiring landscape of Lake Como, in an unique  atmosphere  with spectacular views where you can just relax and enjoy this amazing experience.
 ... Awakening your artistic soul


Please find the Artist’s Workshop at 23 Via Melzi d’Eril near the port of Loppia, part of the prestigious Villa Melzi d’Eril Gardens complex in Bellagio; other meeting points by the lake available on request.



One of our assistants will welcome you and, showing you the beauty of the place, will lead you to the Bottega d’Arte (the atelier) where you will begin your Romantic sculpture experience.



For any information or to make your reservation contact the Bottega D’arte:

Mobile & WhatsApp:+ 39 3420931568



Maestro Abele is a sculptor and painter.

He started his career when he was only thirteen years old. His works are all over the world.

Currently, he is in charge of the restoration of the Milan Cathedral.

He created the latest marble sculpture, visible to the public in the Gardens of Villa Melzi in Bellagio: the sculptural bust of Duke Tommaso Fulco Gallarati Scotti.

His Atelier, which can be visited by appointment, is in Via Melzi d’Eril 23.

For additional information, visit the website www.abelevadacca.it