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artwork on commission
artwork on commission portrait
artwork on commission portrait
artwork on commission portrait
artwork on commission


. An Italian Art Atelier , Bottega d’Arte

. The birth of an artwork on commission

. Ancient Italian techniques and traditions 

Reach Abele , www.abelevadacca.it in the Bottega d’Arte inside the beautiful Gardens of Villa Melzi the local sculptor will be your mentor during this special Art experience , you will guided in the world of the Italians techniques and traditions as the ancient Masters .

Is an exclusive experience where one of the last italian classical sculptor show you the hidden secret of the italian arts, you will see the birth of a marble sculpture, the portrait of the Duke Tommaso Fulco Gallarati Scotti of Villa Melzi d’Eril in Bellagio, in an italian Bottega d’Arte ( Art Atelier ).  And after he guide you in the creation of the colour like the Reinassance technique from natural pigments.

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  • Includes:
  • • Experience in english with the local Master Abele Vadacca
  • • The assistant that will describe you the experience
  • • The access at the gradens of Villa Melzi
  • • The access at the Bottega d’Arte