A dream that came true. We founded Arthà, which is not simply a company, but it’s a new way of working in sculpture, design and restoration. Many jobs enriched our experiences and knowledges. Our desire is spreading our knowledges to people of good will.

On these basis we created Abele Experientia Artis, a unique opportunity to meet and explore the antique Italian techniques in a relaxed and inspirational location.

Corsi d'arte a Bellagio
Corsi d'arte Como
Abele Experientia Artis a Bellagio

The Master Abele Vadacca that will be guided you in your  unique art experience work in the restoration of the major Italian Cathedrals.

More than 20 years ago we founded, a leading company in Sculpture, Design and Restoration, which dedicates its work to professional ethics and honesty. This concept gave us the opportunity to cooperate with rare and unique entities both economically and culturally.

The strong of the italian traditional techniques are very important for us in order to create the best satisfaction and a great honest sharing. It is now time to celebrate and keep the italian tradition of this profession, the same one that built all the great monuments and artworks that are now all over the world, testifying the sacrifice of the artists who gave delight to our souls and our eyes, to represent the power of the “Made in Italy” traditions.