A local Art Atelier surrounded by the astonishing setting of Lake Como. A traditional Art Atelier that reveals the Italian classical arts, inviting you to develop and express your inner self.
An emotional experience for everyone who can be an artist even just for few hours.

Hour History

A dream that came true. We founded Arthà, which is not simply a company, but it’s a new way of working in sculpture, design and restoration. Many jobs enriched our experiences and knowledges. Our desire is spreading our knowledges to people of good will.
On these basis we created Abele Experientia Artis, a unique opportunity to meet and explore the antique techniques in a relaxed and inspirational location.

Magistri Comacini

A unique experience to discover Italian art and tradition. A real journey into the history of the classical arts starting from the antique techniques of Comacine Masters. One of the most prestigious work on Lake Como, born in Como in the VII Century; they were called from the most important cities to realize cathedrals and buildings because they were able to create and sculpt extraordinarily beautiful architectural artworks in no time.

Live your emotions ... be an artist for few hours


  • Let live you a unique art experience

  • Revealing the antique mysteries and  Italian classical techniques

  • Getting you closer to our Italian traditions, relax and taste

  • Bringing the classical arts back to light through your deep inner search

  • Breathe the atmosphere of an Italian Art Atelier on Lake Como

  • Sharing our arts, nature, traditions and people, making you feel as a local


The Italian  Master  Abele Vadacca will guided you in discovering the Italian arts and traditions and  the assistant will supporting you during your unique art experience. You will Reach the master in his Art Atelier the place where your emotional art experience will start.

Live the emotion to be an Italian artist for few hours. A way to create your unique memory on the Lake Como.



Abele has been working as a sculptor and a painter for 40 years. He studied at “Accademia di Carrara” (Tuscany – Italy) where he was student of Floriano Bodini and other important artists of the XX Century.He won an Academic Chair and he’s always working in the creation of public and monumental artworks in Italy and abroad too. He’s regularly cooperating to restore the Milano’s Cathedral.His artistic career is characterized by different sculpting and painting techniques, mosaic, decoration and much more, always reaching a high level of expressivity.

He won the contest “Plastica Ornamentale” (Plastics and ornaments) at the Fine Arts Academy in Palermo and many other important prizes.He’s been teaching art at schools and institutes for 25 years, working at an academic level, from the most classical techniques to figurative sculpture and ornamental design, from set design to the modern techniques like stop motion, video and animation.He took part into many national and international art initiatives as sculpture symposiums, personal and collective exhibitions, art events, displaying his artworks in big cities like Milan, Paris, Friedrichschafen, London and Dubai, Heidelberg. You can now find his artworks all over the world in public places, Italian Monumental Cemeteries and Religious buildings.

An all along lover of the italian classical arts.

For further information, please visit his website www.abelevadacca.it



  • 5 years degree in design at Politecnico di Milano
  • Master in Architecture, Construction and contemporary stone Design.

She’s been managing Arthà for 15 years, a leading company in Italy for its stone knowledges and technologies, mostly in the art sector (restoration, design, contemporary sculpture) and in historical art techniques.In 2000 she worked for the society Alias Wavefront in Toronto where she was teaching 3D-graphics for virtual prototyping.In 2011 she cooperated with Politecnico di Milano in order to realize an educational program that teaches the different techniques to work the marble; a project that then entered the Stone Architectural Design Master for professionals.

In 2010/2011 she’s the main coordinator of highly professional sculpture courses for students, architects and engineers in the Alpes (Tuscany and Lombardy).She’s specialized in 3D programs and natural stone working where she reached high levels of knowledge and experience.Thanks to her expertise, she’s been working with Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano for several years at the restoration of the Milano Cathedral and other prestigious monuments in Italy and Europe.



  • diploma in Arts
  • 5 years degree in Interior Design at Politecnico di Milano

An all along lover of art and history of architecture, she works on daily basis with softwares and technologies for graphics, CAD and CAM modelling and 3D scanning.

She’s been cooperating with Arthà for 5 years in the Technical and Quality department and as a responsible in communication and promotion. Furthermore she’s developing 3D projects for the restoration of the Cathedral in Milan and other artistic Italian monuments.

She’s now managing the international marketing campaign for Abele Art and Abele Experientia Artis through socials and media.

She lives in Lezzeno, a small town (borgo) on Lake Como, few minutes drive from Bellagio.



Born in a small town (borgo) on Lake Como and fascinated by local arts, she’s been following her passion for sculpture and stone for several years, becoming a full-time art professional and working at Arthà where she’s now the responsible of marble finishings and treatments.

Her passion for art brings her to find her inner artistic self in botanical painting using watercolours and taking part into professional and international courses. Her strong inclination to public relations comes from years of experience in hospitality at her family-run accommodation and restaurant.

A professional and positive assistant who performs her creativity and inspirations in everything she does, even in traditional Italian pastry and bakery, another great passion she’s now exploring